Imaginary Fish


Winter has not been productive for me, to say the least. Rain has been pouring down, and as much as we in California need the rain, it has also blown out the rivers, and muddied up the bass ponds and lakes. A recent trip to a local lake found us spending more time dodging floating trees and debris than fishing, and the local ponds are all three times their normal sizes, and everything is the color of dark chocolate milk. Needless to say, despite my hours and hours of making hundreds of casts, not a single fish this year has been landed, and I’ve only had one, very half-hearted hookup from a bass. It’s almost as if he felt sorry for me and just wanted to give me a reassuring tug. It does things to a man’s self-esteem to get skunked so many times in a row, and I question my skill and sanity. Maybe I just need to chase some fish that have a bit higher success rate at this time of year, I hear the surf perch bite has been going off…


My arms are weak from casting 8-10 wts, and throwing heavy sink lines to bass and lingcod, and from paddling miles and miles of lakes to reach less pressured water. If there’s a correlation between the amount of work put into catching a fish and the results, then I must be heading towards some sort of fish paradise real soon, with fish on every cast. I’m still waiting for that spectacular event…





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