Return of the Fishhunter

I’m back, after a three month session guiding in the West Rangá river in Iceland, or what could be called “SALMON HEAVEN”. This river is one of, if not the most productive Atlantic Salmon fisheries in the world, where there are between 5-15.000 salmon caught every season. This year was another great year, with lots of long days, many fish, beautiful scenery, and great company.


I also stopped by for a week in Denmark, where I caught my first pike, which I still definitely count as added to the species list despite the lack of size!


Now, however, I’m snapping back into reality, adjusting to the hot temperatures of the California Central Coast again, and getting ready to slay some warm and saltwater species. My goal for this year is to crack the leopard shark flats around this area, and get some sharks on the fly consistently.


As usual I’ll also be chasing bass, carp, rockfish, and some more species and experimenting with some fly tying techniques that I’ll be sharing on here.


Expect to see a lot more action on here in the coming weeks and months! This should be an exciting new year in California!


Here’s some fish porn from Iceland!

14199203_1343343219012013_3444173792598040147_n 14141502_1341726535840348_4891486032068699930_n 14089267_1335158646497137_597132647009887511_n 14079896_1341979875815014_8430841296392568619_n 14054225_1335570449789290_8769600304309547368_n 14039892_1333563756656626_5320170614967252170_n 13938573_1323220991024236_6454631223672991821_n 13882136_1327691160577219_1462121192414608834_n 13872671_1315748388438163_5962907710534679196_n 13681063_1303134319699570_2441929983436853437_n 13662088_1311659392180396_8820176526842669331_o 13654358_1301631943183141_8033282973824967797_n 13626411_1298928956786773_7456538267105757227_n 13612295_1301967249816277_5639621058716828209_n 13537735_1298715243474811_1951652621320635993_n


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