Bass Fever

I haven’t posted in awhile, mostly due to my being busy with fishing and schoolwork, but I have been fishing mostly for bass. The Central California lakes have been in post-spawn mode, and the sight fishing for bass has been mostly fantastic! Lots of bass in the 3-5 pound range slamming streamers, mostly fished motionless. It’s nerve wracking fishing I usually associate with carp, as the takes are very slight and almost undetectable. And the fish are angry once hooked, and don’t give up, even after being landed. It’s great.


I got to say, bass are fast becoming some of my favorite fish to chase after, especially at this size, as they are aggressive, angry, and in full on predator mode! They’re like all the best things about trout in a hulk package!

As spring comes to a close and makes way for summer I’m focusing more on saltwater and carp until I head to Iceland in mid-June, but the great thing about bass is that they’re always easy to find, for example I can easily walk ten minutes to three great bass ponds that hold fish up to 5 pounds, so I won’t forget about bass while my main focus will be elsewhere.

Enjoy some of these pictures since I didn’t write a 1000 words:


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