Tide Pool Fly Fishing

Well finally I have been having some success with my fishing the tide pools on the fly for rockfish. Since, as far as I know, basically no one fly fishes for rockfish from the shore in tide pools, I have had to rely on my own knowledge and some transferring of what I see the gear guys using to fool rockfish, cabezon, and other critters out of the tide pool landscape. I have now begun using heavy saltwater hooks, around 2/0, and large sculpin helmets to get it down quickly and fish along the bottom. I’ve found weed-guards to help in some situations, but when it comes to kelp the standard bass weedguard becomes pretty useless. I’m going to try out some heavier weed-guards, such as the ones that southern California fly fishers use for Calico bass, but I’m also eyeing the wire weed-guards used by gear bass anglers on jigs.

Buut back to the fish, I’ve been picking up a fish here and there, and now becoming more aware of how much of a visual game this is. In my most recent outing I saw something like 20 rockfish and a couple of eels, most chasing down my fly or simply swimming in open gaps in the kelp to find some morsel to eat. It was great fun and provided some really cool looking fish, including a probable world record striped sea perch and a very blue mouthed cabezon.

Also I am really enjoying the use of the St. Croix Mojo Bass Fly rod for this type of fishing. It’s a short, accurate, stout rod that works perfectly for fishing small pockets for these fish and then fighting in those close quarters and having the power to keep them away from the kelp is really important. On that note I’d also like to throw in that I am loving the Behemoth reel from redington, and it’s 30lbs of drag, not that I am hooking into that large fish, but the fact that I can strongarm these fish away from kelp and rocks is really helpful in those scenarios.

Here’s some pictures, since they speak louder than a thousand words?


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