Some Fish Musings

These past two months have not been the most productive months, fish wise. Not to say I haven’t gone out to fish, the fish just haven’t been cooperating, from bass ponds and lakes, to steelhead streams and the coast, I have caught three fish in two months. That is a pretty drab number of fish, numbers wise. But it has been awesomely fun nonetheless, trying new techniques, flies, areas and ripping lines, pants, shoes and spirits through endless outings to local spots around Cal Poly.

December saw me testing a boat that my friend recently fixed up while fishing for bass, the day was filled with heavy rain, heavy winds, and periods of calm, and no fish. We spent most of the time fighting for our lives trying to keep the boat floating while the rain slowly filled the bottom of the boat and the wind tossed us around the lake. Other outings in December included many trips to night fishing at the local ponds and a trip to the San Lorenzo river in Santa Cruz for some early steelhead. Mostly I spent my time flailing my flies uselessly at fish, or no fish, that didn’t care much for my offerings.

The new year brought rains, and thus hope of better conditions for the year to come. Trips for bass brought no results, while a trip to Morro Bay brought to hand my first fish of the year, an Olive Rockfish, that I caught while fly fishing under a restaurant. It was as ridiculous as it sounds but fun nonetheless.

I’ve been experimenting with new fly tying materials and techniques, using gorilla glue, sculpin helmets, Fish-Skull Fish-Spines, and much more to make creations that hopefully will entice fish in the new year.

Here’s some pictures because they are more fun than my words:



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