Rod Wraps

I’ve been messing around with updating some of my lesser used rods with a tape called “Rod Wrap” which is basically a silicone wrapping that you put around the handle of your rods to improve grip and presumably reduce fatigue, much like the Redington Vapen. In fact that rod is actually the reason I searched this out in the first place, finding that my casting had improved dramatically due to the grip on that rod, and looking to improve some of my cheaper rods I found this.

After putting this tape onto my rods I have found, surprise surprise, that I don’t grip them as tight as I used to, which makes for a big difference when fishing. I found with the Vapen that I don’t get as tired casting maybe 60-80 feet all day since the rod almost feels like it floats on my hand, and the feeling of these grips is similar, although not identical. First off, the vapen is a lighter rod than the ones I placed the rod wrap on, so that makes a big difference. Also, the Vapen grip is softer, seeing as the Winn-Grip is probably not on top of cork, like my rod tape is, and that softness is well appreciated when casting a 7wt all day, especially with big bass bugs, sinking tips for salmon or ocean fishing. But overall I am liking the way the rod tape improves the grip on these cheaper rods, I put it on an 5wt Allen Prelude that I bought for $75 and an 8wt Temple Fork Outfitters Pro Special which I got for $75 at a Cabela’s sale, and despite neither of these rods being bad in any way, this grip improves their feel quite a bit, and I think I’ll start using more than just my Vapen now. And the tape looks kind of cool, which I appreciate.


Close-ups of the grip



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