Bass Bass Bass

Been doing a lot of bass fishing lately, both Largemouth in local private ponds that require lots of sneaking around, and in the ocean, mostly the many species of rockbass that inhabit these waters around Morro Bay. I’ve been having a lot of fun fishing around rock structures and finding fish under rocks and in between openings in the kelp. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had exploring a new fishery since I was a little kid. As there’s very little info online about fly fishing for rockfish from natural rock structures and the shore in intertidal zones, it’s been a lot of trial and error, and learning from my gear chucking buddies, who use bait and jigs to lure these fish from their hiding places. So I went and tied up some brightly colored streamers using heavy weed guards to get around the kelp, and have started finding some success. I am no expert in this yet, and haven’t even found consistent fishing, but I am finding a fish here and there. Fishing on jetties for these fish has also provided some valuable insight into their behaviour and I hope to use this to help me be more successful around the natural structures more in the future.

I am also falling more and more in love with my Shadow Gladiator 7/8 weight reel, which has a sealed drag, handles everything I throw at it, and is an absolute workhorse. I throw it around on the rocks while climbing them, use it in the salty sand reel deathbed of the surf, and after many fish and barely a drop of freshwater, it still works and looks as new as it did when I received it, all for the measly price of $139.99. It came with a line which probably works great in cold water but I switched it out for a clear intermediate line with a sink tip since I have been using it mostly in the salt. It really makes a difference when you have gear you can count on.

I have also been knocking around some privately owned ponds on campus, which hold a surprising amount of nicely sized largemouth bass as well as crappie, catfish, and bluegill. They’re fun, provide a nice learning ground for bass, and improve my sneaking around skills, so it’s a win-win scenario.

Here’s some pictures of my recent adventures:

12279567_1146431438703193_96532563_o12236522_1142299885783015_1001806742_o (1)12281851_1146431075369896_1748849371_o12311333_1147338245279179_512844274_o12242719_1141768365836167_1355573903_o12278659_1144249465588057_4247636079288933381_n


And here’s an octopus that semi-attacked me during a rockfish expedition



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