Back to the Living from being Undead

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on the page, over a year to be not-so exact. School, work, fishing, and more life duties have taken time away from my blogging. Well, I am bringing the blog back to life! I haven’t stopped fishing while I have been away, now in my second year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, I am starting to get a little bit more comfortable with the fishery here, and beginning to explore some more new waters. I tirelessly chase carp in lakes around my area, to no avail, and the problem does not seem to stem from my techniques but my inability to find the fish in these lakes. I don’t know if the drought is pushing them to deep water or what, but I haven’t seen a sign of carp since early September. I have been exploring new saltwater fisheries along the coastline here, mostly in the Morro Bay region. Surf perch and rockfish are the main targets, surf perch on the beach, and rockfish off rocks and jetties. These are exciting fisheries and I’ll be updating some more in the future about my successes and failures. If anyone reading this blog (hellooooo.. is anyone out there…???) has any insights on this type of fly fishing then let me know, I’m in the infancy stages here. I’ve done some saltwater fly fishing in Iceland, but so far it’s been quite different than what I’m experiencing here.

Anyways, I’m back, as a zombie, and here are some pictures. I’ll be more vigilant in updating the posts.

Guiding and Salmon fishing in Iceland:

Saltwater, bass ponds, and attempted carp in California fall 2015:



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  1. Bro target stripers off the coast. I love doing it out in the Central Coast.

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