Of Lost Trout and Other Mishaps

Trout have a way of making us do things that may not be the most responsible, nor the easiest path available. We see this in Steelhead, “the fish of a thousand casts” and everywhere trout are concerned.

So after having been sick for two days, and still a bit sick, and after warnings of an impending volcanic eruption in the glacier nearby, I headed out to catch some marsh browns and sea trout. In my hurry to get out the door I forgot my phone, cutting me off from pretty much everyone I knew.. Not a great thing to do seeing as a volcano was about to erupt.

I got to the marshes and rigged up my rod with a cranefly and midge setup, pretty much the Icelandic version of a hopper dropper, as craneflies are the largest terrestrial flies we have here. Despite conditions being almost perfect, not many fish showed themselves, and at a deep mud pool I stripped a white streamer and saw some big ones follow it and missed a couple small strikes.

At another pool further upstream I had a tragic thing happen. As I stripped the streamer through the murky water and saw a large trout, and I mean LARGE, around the 28″+ range, come up to my fly and take it. In my awe I forgot to set the hook, and he spit it out and splashed away. I cursed the fish gods for making trout so pretty and cried a little bit. No more trout showed up that day, and to be honest, I didn’t have my heart in it anymore. My heart was broken, beaten down by the large trout that I missed.

I made it back home safely, not killed by poisonous volcanic ash. That was a positive part of the day!



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