Night Fishing for Sea Trout

It gets dark for about three hours now here in Iceland, so I used this opportunity to grab some night fishing time for sea trout.

I got to the lake about an hour before complete darkness and had some time to figure out where to fish. There was no wind and in addition to the absolutely stunning scenery, fish were already rising in shallow water.


I began fishing small nymphs in shallow water without any luck, so as it got darker I switched to an articulated rabbit strip mess of a streamer and fished the deeper sections of the bay I was fishing along. Just as it got completely dark I hooked into a feisty sea trout which I promptly lost. A second cast to that area hooked me up to another sea run and I landed that guy after multiple jumps.


I didn’t get any more strikes from that area so I headed down the beach towards an inlet where I had seen some fish rising earlier. The fish were still rising and I tried tying on a dry fly but the darkness made that impossible, so I retied the streamer on but didn’t hook any fish there and moved back to the other bay and suddenly hooked into a small resident trout but apparently he missed the hook and it was lodged in his stomach, making the fight feel like he was a much bigger fish, making run after run to the open water.


Not much happened after that except I found some glow-in-dark conehead flies which got many strikes until my rod broke at one of the ferrule tips. Not a big problem, easily fixable until I get a new part sent from Redington.

I headed home in the dark after that watching the sun rising behind the snowy mountains.


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