Failure in the Mountains

At least I tried…

It seemed perfect. I had two days to get myself to a mountain lake which might or might not hold fish, and back down. The weather forecast didn’t seem to matter all that much to me, even though it said that there would be a chance of 50-70 mph winds. I dismissed it as a wrong forcast and headed for the mountains….

Six hours later I’m standing at the foot of the mountain I’m about to ascend to reach this lake, and I see the rocks being blown off of the side and into the narrow and steep canyon adjacent to the mountain and I get a very uneasy feeling about this…

So I for once do the reasonable thing and find some shelter from the wind tunnel that this valley had become and try to grill my dinner. I manage to start a fire on the coals but it’s immediately blown out by the jet propelled winds. My lighters won’t ignite for long enough to start a fire and therefore I couldn’t dry my clothes nor eat a hot dinner, so I decide to backpedal to a spot I’d seen earlier with some small trees I thought I could use for cover and maybe firewood.

I tried fishing the river along this path but there was only one real pool in this section and I couldn’t find fish, not that I could really even stand in this wind– I fell three times.

At the spot with the trees I tried again unsuccessfully to find shelter, the wind seemed to be everywhere, bouncing off of everything, making starting a fire near impossible. Actually it was impossible.

I tried sleeping but my bag kept making so much noise in the wind that it was impossible, although the view was gorgeous.


After about an hour there I decided to cut my losses and head home. I arrived at four in the morning and am now getting ready to catch some big browns at the lake tonight in the dark. I hope I have more luck than this trip…


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