A weed free drift..

Well I got to see a completely new side to the river today.

The usually crystal clear and barren river was now an aquamarine green color from the recent rains, and floating down were endless weeds and aquatic algeas, most likely washed down from the nearby marshes in the wet weather. I thought this looked like perfect sea trout weather but the fish did not seem to agree with my plans.

After a couple hours swinging flies and cleaning the weeds off of them and the sink tip, I headed home. But first I cast to the little side channel, and landed two beautiful little wild brown trout on a steamer and a nymph, which gave this tiring trip a somewhat satisfying end, as the rains only got harder, and after more than an hour biking through it I was thoroughly soaked.


I think that since the river is so calm in these lower sections that maybe the sea trout and char simply head straight for the valley, and therefore I’ve been fishing in the completely wrong spots. But in the case of the sea trout it is entirely too early to say as the main runs have yet to arrive, but I will head up into the valley as soon as I get a day off of work and check it out, as it requires more hiking than I can do in the couple hours of fishing time I get after work each day.





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