Round Two

After my last time on the river, I spent many days repairing the tire on my bike.. Twice, as I blew it out again right after I fixed it the first time, in an attempt to go fishing…

Well, after I finally got myself back on the bank, I wasn’t expecting much, as the sun was high in the sky, and it was probably the hottest day of the summer so far I believe, but I needed to swing some flies, so of course I rigged up with a sink tip on my three weight, and an egg sucking leech and headed to the river.

As I started making my first casts, a cloud cover rolled in, and the conditions turned from bad, to actually really good, and after a couple casts, I hooked up with a trout while messing with my new landing net as it was hooking up on my shoulder. This fish turned out to be big, as run after run proved, even jumping once, showing off its impressive colors in the beautiful evening light. I managed to land this fish, which was the length of a five pound fish, but skinny as it was I think it probably “only” reached four pounds.


I released this beauty and realized I had completely forgotten to use my landing net… But all was well as I had managed to grab him by the shore without losing him, and he swam away graciously.

I walked a bit further up and tried some of the other pools, swinging big, articulated streamers with no luck, and soon the sun came back out, and along with it a southwesterly wind. I headed back home, bike unharmed, singing along to Oasis and smiling like a happy idiot, because trout like this are why I fish.







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  1. I just stumbled up on your website. Great pictures and fishing stories that´s fun to read. I made a link to your site on my site were I keep track of my fishing trips. Keep on blogging.

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