Beautiful Day…

Well… I thought long and hard about what the title of this entry should be and… This is it.

I’m getting skunked so often its embarrassing, and I’m running out of things to call it.

Now to the fishing, or should I say, wading in the river and casting my line catching zero fish. I rode my bike back to the bridge section of the Hoffellsá river again today in pretty much the worst fishing weather imaginable, lots of wind and sun. I needed to fish though and I had been planning on seeing if the char had come up so this was pretty exciting. The river, as usual, was insanely beautiful. It ran at perfect levels, and was blue and clear. I began swinging some egg sucking leeches I had tied moments before leaving on my bike especially for char, using the colors they tend to like.


I swung these flies and some pink comets just like you would for steelhead, and then stripped them in at the end of the swing. About a mile down from the bridge I turned around and nymphed all the pools with a team of a heavy stonefly and a bloodworm, with no luck.


Hopefully the char come up sometime soon, I would very much like to catch fish in this gorgeous river, especially on a swung fly.


Looking up the valley


A small tributary stream that looks promising for char runs.


The confluence pool and bridge.


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