Rain rain and some more rain

Just after the water levels dropped to somewhat normal levels, we were hit by another storm, raising the levels of the lake I fish back to their high points of last week. I biked over to the lake in a freezing South-Eastern wind and pouring rain intending to catch some trout as my previous two trips to the lake had been embarrassingly fish-less.

When I reached the lake I saw that it was high and slightly off color. I began fishing a caddis pupa and midge combo near an inlet in a bay I knew held some fish. And sure enough after a few casts I hooked up with an acrobatic brown trout around 12 inches which I managed to land after a couple runs to the deep.


Soon after that I hooked another small trout right as I raised my flies to make another cast. After releasing that one I kept moving along the shore, and at the next inlet I hooked up with a big trout, 5lbs+ that jumped and shook the hook loose… I yelled at the water and spit out some less than clean words, then I kept casting… In a matter of five minutes I hooked up with four trout, all larger than any I had previously landed in the lake, and all of which managed to shake themselves loose of the Caddis Pupa hook. After that no more fish showed interest in my flies and the rain and wind only increased making fishing hard. I headed home in pouring rain once again, intent on coming back soon and catching some larger fish, managing to actually land them…





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