Getting Skunked..

There’s really two ways of getting skunked:

One is when the angler can happily retire homewards after an unsuccessful, but wonderful, time at the bank of a lake or a river. These days are usually characterized by beautiful weather, happy people, and good memories.

The second way is the angry skunking. The angry skunking is often accompanied by frustration, no fish even when they should be in all the places the angler fished, and angry, mean spirited birds from hell.

Today was the second type.

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may have noticed I do not hold very kind attitudes toward the feathered enemies of mine called Arctic Terns. These birds make my time at the river stressful and will most likely will be the death of me.

I arrived at the river late on this Sunday evening, thinking I could maybe hook up with a couple char coming in at the high tide. Things first began going wrong when a torrendous rain came down right as I reached the bank of the river. To make matters worse, right as I was crossing the wooden farm bridge, a tern picked me out and began pestering me by diving down trying to assassinate me. I took shelter from both forces of nature underneath the bridge, which had holes in it, so it really only became a shelter from most of the rain…


I put my waders on and waterproofed my bag, and began fishing. The first couple of feet were characterized by the screeches of the terns and me waving my rod to ward them off. They left me alone when I reached a bend in the river, at which point I must have entered the territory of the gigantic seagulls who began letting their waste loose all over the river and then diving at me only to freak out at the end of the dive and rise up and freak out, then repeat the whole thing again. I didn’t catch any fish and was getting soaked to the bone, so after three hours of fishing there I returned to the bridge and hid from the screeching terns while I took my waders off. When I ran back out from underneath of the bridge I realized they had been waiting for me, ambushing me. I threw some rocks and yelled obscenities as I grabbed my bike and rode away really fast, falling once or twice in the process, just barely escaping with my life…

Until next time…




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