Swinging flies in hope of..

Well after this excursion I know for sure that the sea run fish have not yet entered the river system, or at least not that far up.

It started with an email I sent out a couple days ago to the guesthouse which controls the permits for fishing in the beautiful Hoffellsá river, which is one of the bigger clear water rivers in this area. Anyways, the email was responded to early in the work day, saying that I was allowed to go check out the river and could bring a rod with me, so, naturally, I hurried up to finish what I had left to do at work, then I got on my bike and rode like the wind to the highway bridge, and parked my bike next to a beautiful tributary stream, which looked like a perfect place for sea run char to live in once they came upstream.

I began casting at the confluence pool with a white Ice Man Minnow, until I switched to an articulated Scudzilla pattern, and began swinging my fly in the hope that an early run of char or sea trout would be this far upstream.


But alas, it was not meant to be. After two hours of swinging various flies through gorgeous runs and pools, I had not had a single strike. I wasn’t too surprised, but the river surprised me with its beauty. It was perfectly suited for swinging flies with its even current runs and pools and with plenty of depth and cutbanks, allowing for plenty of places for the fish to hold, once, of course, they’d make it this far upstream.


The only downside was the constant attacks from the terns, who for some reason decided that a man in the middle of the river would be a threat to their eggs way far inland, and began diving and stabbing at me with their beaks. Their screeches scared the living hell out of me, making me spend more time waving my rod high in the air to ward them off than actually casting. But the river looks like a promising place once the actual runs start. I think I’ll head back there in about a month, when I know the first real char runs will have begun.






P.s. all these “artsy” pictures of my rod are to make up for the lack of fish photos…


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