The search for the big one..

I have a goal this summer to catch a really big brown trout, either sea run or a resident trout but either way I want to catch a big one, something bigger than five pounds will do since I’m not that accustomed to catching trout much larger than that.

My search led to me get a permit to fish in the private portion of lake Þveit, with the hopes of finding deeper and less pressured waters. Well I found the deep water, and some trout, but no really big ones, although I lost two after short fights that might have fit that category.

Iceland really showed its true colors this afternoon as a chilling sea breeze blew across the surface of the lake, making casting a large articulated streamer on a three weight near impossible. The only fish I did catch was a ten inch trout that slammed a four inch Scudzilla… Shows how vicously predatory these fish are, I’m hoping that the big ones will take notice.


I think my next outing will be to either the estuary part of Hornafjörður, not exactly known for its big catches of fish, or to either one of the two rivers nearby, one which I believe might harbor some early runs of sea run char, and the other which might have large browns, maybe some Salmon, and hopefully some Char and Sea Trout. I want to go to these rivers and swing some flies for these fish as the lake needs a little rest.





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