The Mighty Breiðdalsá river

Its been a while since I (Elias) went fishing myself, due to work, and to some degree just plain laziness. But that all changed when I came to the beautiful Breiðdalsá valley in eastern Iceland to guide in this wonderful salmon river. Although the salmon part doesn’t open until later, July 8, I was allowed to fish in the trout portion of a tributary along with two fantastic fly fishermen from Britain called Steve and Alan.


We fished dry flies and light rods, and almost every pool was filled with fish. So much so that we had to tear ourselves from each pool in order to explore the rest of the area, since of course we needed to catch the world cup match going on at four.


At the end of the day, having explored but a portion of the stream, we had caught over 56 brown trout, most on size 16 klinkhammer, and finished just in time for the game.


This is a beautiful area which I will definitely explore more this summer in between guiding expeditions.


10440812_10202250096241977_5610301816203699679_n 10460448_10202250090721839_4646224730705359108_n




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