Finding trout in the fog

I found a bike I could use to get myself up to Þveit after work on thursday, which cut down my travel time considerably, and allowed for a longer time on the water.

When I reached the lake, a white fog covered the surface and a slight breeze blew across the water, simply beautiful fishing weather.

I took my first couple casts off of a shallow drop off zone by a creek inlet. Sure enough, at the same spot as I took the only trout of last trip, another trout attacked the mass of rabbit fur I was fishing and after a short and brutal battle, I brought the gorgeous brown trout to hand. Maybe not the largest fish in the world at 12 inches, but big enough to make me happy.


After that the strikes simply stopped, until about an hour later when I hooked up with a small sea trout on an orange nobbler stripped right beneath the surface.


The colors on these wild and native browns were absolutely stunning, and the takes were fierce, especially for fish this size.

But after these two I didn’t land any more. I lost a couple, including one who slammed my white streamer right by the bank and took a speeding run into the deep, sending the line whizzing across the surface and throwing the hook.

This beautiful lake will not give up its big ones easily, as I saw when the wind died down and fish close to 6 pounds cruised the middle of the lake eating midges off the surface. Nothing I cast at them worked, not that I could reach that far with my three weight rod.

Here are some more photos:






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