Aggressive lake browns

Finally I received the welcome I had been hoping for at the lake. First cast with an articulated scudzilla was met with an explosive grab by a nice brown, before the fly even touched the surface of the water. Unfortunately I lost this trout, and the four others that took in a similar manner after him. I only managed to land one trout who took in this flurry of activity, but what a specimen!


He wasn’t particularly large as browns go, around 15 inches, but the colors and shape are absolutely gorgeous. He fought like a champ too, with a huge streamer hanging from his jaw.


After him, the skies began dumping a ridiculous amount of rain on me, soaking me to the bone. I kept on pushing despite the rain, but with no luck. I packed my bags and rode my bike home soaking wet for an hour.

I smiled the whole way.





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