Hitting the lakes

On my second day back both me and Elías finally bought some new waders, and thus the pains of having leaky waders in Iceland ended. And to test this new gear we of course hooked up with some friends and headed to local lakes Úlfljótsvatn and Þingvallavatn in the hopes of catching some char.

At the first stop in Úlfljótsvatn we only caught some small char although the guy before us had caught a couple nice sized ones. And the same story repeated itself in the other area of Úlfljótsvatn that we fished. Only small char, so we decided to head to the much larger lake Þingvallavatn, with the hope of catching some larger char and maybe even a huge brown trout as it was well past midnight and they tend to start feeding around then.

It didn’t take long for one of our group, Þorsteinn, to consecutively hook up with a five pound brown trout, a pound char, and a three pound brown trout, while none of us hooked up with more fish. The wind began picking up after the last fish and we soon headed back home around 3:30 a.m.

Next time I’ll remember to bring a heavier rod as my three weight did nothing to bring my streamer out to where the big browns lay in hiding.


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