Elliðaár river brown trout

I (Dagur) just landed in Iceland last night, after a grueling 26 hour traveling schedule… But luckily on my first day back I was invited to fish the Elliðaár river for brown trout for a few hours.

On the first pool I reached, called ármót, literally translated to “river meeting,” I saw a couple big brown trout around 20 inches each rising to a mixed hatch of midges and caddis. I began casting a midge emerger without any results except for a small brownie. After a couple casts I changed to a caddis dry fly and on the first cast, one of the 20 inch trout rose slowly and deliberately and chomped down on my fly. I hooked it and it jumped into the air, and then ran downstream. I followed it as far as I could but my lack of waders led me to stop and force the fish to change direction, which was difficult considering the 4lb leader I had on would easily snap. But after a hectic battle I managed to land the fish, my first real Icelandic trout of the summer.


I switched flies as the one I had on had been demolished by the teeth of that trout and cast again, and right away another trout took it, similar in size, it jumped multiple times as I fought to land it.


After that my uncle showed up and we fished a couple pools in the lower part of the trout section of the river, catching only a couple smaller trout. Then I headed up to the top pool.

The top pool is probably the most pressured pool as most fishermen who come here pound it day in and out as it is renowned for many trout, but the group today had had no luck, so when I came to it I was not expecting much, as popular pools tend to produce less than they’re often “supposed” to.

I noticed a big trout rising near the head of it, and cast my dry fly there, after changing from a caddis to a midge I hooked up with the trout who promptly made a run for the deep section and broke me off. After that I had to leave but I could not have asked for a much better welcome by Iceland than this great day of fishing!






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