This spring

For me, (Dagur), this spring has been uncharacteristically dull in matters of fly fishing. Sure I’ve gotten out a couple times, hiked up to my local bass and bluegill ponds and caught a couple fish, and stalked some giant carp on mudflats, but due to the massive California drought that has been drying up everything recently, my fishing options have been limited. The Carmel river, my local steelhead river, didn’t open at all due to low water closures, and the Big Sur river down the coast only opened for one weekend, and for that weekend was unfishable due to high floodwaters. 

The local ponds also suffered as a result of this drought, and the water never reached the flats that I usually fish at this time of year. The bass kept themselves hidden away in the deeper and cooler waters, while weeds clogged up the banks, making fishing all but impossible at most places. But despite these horrible conditions I have been able to hook up with fish on most of my outings, by casting to bass stalking the shallow weedy portions of the ponds and receiving explosive takes when my damselfly would land near it.


Then sometime around my birthday I was hit with the carp bug. I stayed home many nights in a row tying all sorts of carp flies, from crayfish to dragonfly imitations. I hit the local urban ponds, and rolled up my pants, and began stalking, spotting all variety of carp, from brightly colored koi, to twenty pound plus goliaths, all of whom refused my offerings, resulting in one of the most frustrating experiences of my fishing career, but also fueling a hunger which I will learn to satisfy while at Cal Poly next year, where I’ll be able to hit up the local lakes for these golden giants. 

At the time of this writing I am sitting in the Boston airport waiting for my plane to Iceland to begin boarding, and then the real adventures will begin.


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